Pet Wellness Exams

Annual Exam

Your dog needs a scheduled visit to a veterinarian once every year.

At this exam they will undergo a full physical exam and the doctor will talk ask you questions about how your pet is doing at home. Taking some time ahead of time to observe your pets attitude and activity level and their drinking, eating and bathroom habits can help your veterinarian get the most information to help with the well being of your pet.

Our doctors will recommend necessary vaccine boosters as well as a heartworm test and a fecal exam to make sure your pet has no internal parasites. Bringing a stool sample from the same day as the exam is recommended.

Puppy Wellness Exam at Lee's Summit Animal Hospital

Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Your first visit to the veterinarian with your new puppy or kitten is an important one! At this time a vaccine schedule will be outlined for your new pet. It is important to follow this schedule completely. Your new family member is not fully protected from diseases like parvovirus until they have finished all of their vaccines. This exam will also be a great time to discuss nutrition, behavior and preventative care with the vet. So bring your questions!

Senior Pet Wellness

As our dogs and cats enter their older years they need to be monitored more closely for diseases that start to become more prevalent as they age. Mobility, appetite, water consumption and cognitive function can start to change, and catching these changes early can be very useful in slowing down a disease process and increasing your pet’s quality of life.

Be ready to discuss with your veterinarian these behavior changes. Your veterinarian may recommend doing additional testing, such as blood or urine testing to detect underlying disease.

We recommend older animals get routine bloodwork performed to assess organ function, especially if your animal is undergoing a procedure under anesthesia.

Puppy receives Wellness Exam at Lee's Summit Animal Hospital in Lee's Summit Animal Hospital